Wine Tasting Party
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Thanks to everyone who joined us on July 10th for the wine tasting party.  It was a blast!  Here's a few great pictures from that night.  We'll have more pictures up in a couple of weeks.  


Nayan & Jerry   Lisa & Nayan
Top row starting from the top left: Ganesh & Anindya
Mid row: Vibha, Shelly, Rabih
Bottom row: Sumit
Ken, Liz & Nayan
Nayan & Chris Getting Down! Purvi & Jerry
Aww, what a cute couple! Jerry & Lisa Left to Right Front:  Dan, Avi, Dominique, Liz, Sue, Rabi, Julie, Siddharta, Vivek
Left to right:  Nanda, Jigna, Chuck, Anindya, Purvi Front left to right:  Maria, Chris, Chad, Megha, Nayan, Seema, Nisha  
Left to right:  Purvi, Nanda, Avi, Siddharta, Roshni Left to right:   Roshni, Shailen, Shayaan


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